This is us…

This is not your usual kind of travel blog. We are not a mountain climbing, extreme sports participating, designer gear wearing kind of family. However, if you’d like to share in the experiences of a family that wants to spend quality time together somewhere beautiful, then please read on.

I’m Karen Robinson, a 38 year old mum of three who loves to write and has a passion for exploring the West coast of Scotland. Ian is my husband and kindly goes along with my travel plans. Our three daughters are Hannah (13), Emily (11) and Natasha (5).

We hope to use this blog to share our experiences, past and future, of visiting the West coast of Scotland. We will also be providing reviews, information and general chatter about the challenges of British holidays with a family of five.

Contact me: email  kjrobinson@talktalk.net

twitter  @IslandsWithKids




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2 thoughts on “About

    1. Thank-you so much for the warm welcome. It’s lovely to hear from someone with similar blogging interests. I feel like there is a real lack of information out there for people who want visit the islands with children.
      We live near the Lancashire/Cumbria border, so we have a little further to travel!

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