Mmm….Now What to Pack?

 This week there has been a crisis of epic proportions in our household. My five year old daughter’s teddy and beloved panda, called Dave (don’t ask!), were declared missing in action. They had mysteriously disappeared and believe me I thought I had looked EVERYWHERE!

I knew that they were in the house somewhere, the question was where? Lots of searching, much muttering under my breath and tears and a trembling bottom lip from Tasha, revealed nothing. Eventually, a little, pink rucksack caught my eye. I unzipped it and found Teddy, Dave and the Frozen wash mitt she’d been given for Christmas.

After much excited relief (especially on my part, as it meant she might finally go to sleep) I asked her why she had put her things in the bag. After hearing us talking about writing this blog and visiting Tobermory, she had decided to “pack to go on holiday to Balamory”. I thought this was quite sweet and it made me wonder….what would everyone else’s kids take, if they were left to pack unsupervised?DSC_0217


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